Core Values


To produce students that are lifelong learners with leadership abilities, demonstrate virtuous conduct and embrace their responsibilities as global citizens.



To develop and implement a challenging, rigorous and innovative curriculum, which includes high expectations for academic performance, 21st century skills, core values and respect for diversity.



The school considers that high ethical standards, morals and values are the foundation for graduate’s preparation, and believes that one of the important methods for conserving society’s tolerance and boosting communities is graduating generations characterized by high morals and authentic values which derive their strength from society’s authenticity and values, seeking guidance from the glorious history of Oman and are proud of their national identity.

The graduate shall:

  • Have high morals
  • Respect opinions and beliefs of others
  • Observe human values in behavior and conduct




The school believes that language proficiency and advanced skills in writing, reading, speaking and thinking are the best way to mastering different sciences.

The graduate shall:

  • Be proud of the Arabic Language
  • Have advanced language skills
  • Utilize the language creatively in learning
  • Communicate with other cultures




The school prepares students to be knowledgeable, critically aware, continuously updated and armed with necessary tools for knowledge construction in a way that contributes to their scientific curiosity and inquiries.

The graduate shall:

  • Show mastery of scientific content
  • Have scientific and critical sense
  • Utilizes scientific knowledge in his environment
  • Have skills for knowledge construction




The school facilitates a suitable environment for developing creative abilities in a way that contributes to improving the lives of the individuals and providing solutions according to society’s needs.

The graduate shall:

  • Have problem solving skills
  • Create solutions according to society’s needs
  • Have advanced thinking skills




The school develops the leadership capabilities and initiatives in the students and supports them in the realization of their initiatives through team spirit.

The graduate shall:

  • Have leadership capabilities
  • Have initiative spirit
  • Have teamwork skills