Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the fees?fees

See more details in the Admissions Fees and Policy document

Application Fee


New Registration



2895.00OMR per year (same for each grade)

2. Is the school only for children of SQU staff?squ

The school has open enrollment to all eligible applicants. However, SQU staff is given priority to their children.

3. Which curriculum will be used?curriculum

Cambridge International Assessment - Primary Grades 1 through 6. There will be no secondary grades until after primary has been installed (at least three years).

4. What's the language of instruction?language

English is the language of instruction in science, math, English and specialist classes. Teachers will be native English speakers (Eg; U.S., UK, Canada, Australia)

5. What's the starting age for grade 1?age

5 Years and 2 Months by September 1st.

6. Will transportation be provided?transportation

Transportation will be provided for a fee. More detailed information for transportation will be discussed on an individual basis. Share the details of your needs to determine transportation offerings.

7. Will lunch be provided?lunch

Meals are not included in tuition fees. Students should bring a healthy lunch from home, until food services begin.

8. Can parents visit the facility?facility

Parents may visit the school facility in lieu of the following: Pre-registration visits, parent-teacher conferences and meetings with teachers and administration. These should be scheduled as often as possible.

9. Will the school have extended hours/extra-curricular activities?extend

The school will have extended hours for extra-curricular activities, which end promptly at 3:00 p.m. Specific details of these activities will be announced by term. Unfortunately, there is no plan for additional childcare.